• A native of Metro Vancouver and have lived here for most of my life.
  • Resided on the University Endowment Lands since 1999.
  • Degrees in Economics from UBC and Oxford.
  • Mother of three university graduates.


  • Was an economist with BC Hydro.
  • Part of the BC Hydro team that introduced electricity conservation in BC.
  • Jointly led a multi-year consultation process for the Coquitlam watershed. Many interests had to be balanced in this process, including those of Metro Vancouver (drinking water), BC Hydro (power generation), and First Nations (fisheries).
Maria at Public Meeting

Community Activities

  • Participated in the development of the Official Community Plan for the University Endowment Lands (UEL).
  • Board member of the UEL Ratepayers’ Association.
  • Member of the committee that drew up the constitution and bylaws of the UEL Community Advisory Council (CAC).
  • Served on the CAC.
  • Board member of St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi Colleges.

Metro Vancouver

  • Director since 2008.
  • Serve as chair of the Electoral Area Sub-Committee of the Intergovernment and Finance Committee of the Metro Vancouver Board.
  • Also serve for 2015 on the Mayors Committee and the Climate Action Committee.
  • Have previously served on the following Board Committees: Agriculture, Parks, Regional Planning, Transportation and Utilities.
  • Participated in the workshop that developed the terms of reference for the GVRD/UBC Joint Committee which addressed a variety of issues, including land use planning for UBC neighbourhoods.
  • Co-chaired the GVRD/UBC Joint Committee.
  • Member of Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation since mid-2012 (for the preceding two years, a non-voting participant in Mayors' Council meetings).