My Positions

The following positions and principles guide me in carrying out my responsibilities as the Electoral Area Director and a member of the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation.


  • Better transit service is required to UBC, including a Broadway subway.
  • It is essential to the well-being of the region that this spring's referendum for new transit funding be successful. I will be a strong advocate for "yes" in the referendum.
  • The Mayors' Council Vision for regional transportation, released in June 2014, provides a sound program for improving public transit and other modes of transportation throughout Metro Vancouver.
  • Traffic congestion needs to be reduced.
  • Programs like U-Pass that provide an incentive to use public transit instead of driving should be encouraged.


Maria in Pacific Spirit Park


  • Metro Vancouver should explore the broadest and most creative options, including financial incentives, for encouraging the reduction in water usage, sewage and waste.
  • With the provincial government's recent rejection of Metro Vancouver's proposed waste bylaw, new ways must be found to ensure that waste haulers cannot avoid the efforts of Metro Vancouver to reduce the amount of residual garbage destined for disposal.
  • There must be a responsible end fate for recycled materials, especially plastics.


  • Regional parks and green space must be preserved.
  • Contributions should continue to Metro Vancouver's Heritage Parkland Acquisition Fund. This fund is used to acquire property for regional parks.


  • There is a social benefit to maintaining a connection to the source of food.
  • We have a local and global responsibility to retain the highly fertile farmland in the Metro Vancouver region, including Barnston Island, for food production.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Urban infrastructure requires major investment, including upgrades to the water system, sewage treatment, solid waste management, and transportation. Investment choices must result in a reasonable tax and debt burden for the region.


Maria at Montizambert Wynd
  • We should create communities that are vibrant and compact.
  • The University Endowment Lands (UEL) and the UBC neighbourhoods are distinct communities and it is important that this be recognized within the context of Metro Vancouver.
  • The provincial government should agree to the request from UEL residents that the formation of the UEL community into a municipality be studied.
  • UBC and the provincial government should be responsive to the desire of UBC residents for a greater role in the running of their community.
  • Small communities should be assisted with their infrastructure and services.
  • The Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation renders a necessary and valuable service to the region in providing affordable housing units with no impact on property taxes.

Electoral Area Director's Role

  • The Electoral Area Director must approach issues from the perspective of the region as a whole, looking at the full picture and the impact of proposals on all residents.
  • The Director must communicate the perspectives of the Director’s own constituents to the Metro Vancouver Board and committees and, at times, must advocate on behalf of constituents.
  • The Director must communicate frequently with Electoral Area residents and with entities such as the UNA, the UEL's Community Advisory Council, UBC and the AMS.

Our principal challenge is to accommodate population growth while fostering great communities and respecting the environment.