Keeping the Electoral Area Informed

I attach high priority to keeping Electoral Area residents and organizations informed of Metro Vancouver and TransLink Mayors' Council developments. This page describes the various ways in which I do so as well as my efforts to provide information to residents through websites.

On September 8, 2014, I gave a presentation to the UBC and UEL communities in which I provided an overview of the roles and responsibilities of Metro Vancouver and the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation, both regionally and specifically with reference to those communities. You can view the presentation slides by clicking on this link (pdf, 8 MB).

Photo of Maria speaking

Electoral Area A Bulletins

Electoral Area A Bulletins contain information of interest primarily to residents and property owners in parts of the Electoral Area other than the UBC/UEL area. They are available through the Electoral Area community information page of the Metro Vancouver website. You can subscribe to the Bulletins from that page. The most recent Bulletin is the Winter 2018 issue.

Monthly Reports

I provide monthly reports to these organizations in the UBC/UEL area: UNA Board of Directors, UEL Community Advisory Council, UEL Administration, UBC Campus and Community Planning, and Alma Mater Society (AMS). Since May 2013, all organizations have received the same report. (The reports for May and June 2014 were provided by Metro Vancouver with input from me.)

In addition to describing developments, these reports provide notice of future meetings of the Metro Vancouver Boards, the Metro Vancouver committees on which I serve, and the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation. They also note upcoming Metro Vancouver events and provide links to sites where further information can be obtained.

Here are links to recent reports:

For copies of older reports (back to mid-2011) please contact me.

Local Newspapers

From time to time, I write articles for The Campus Resident and University Hill Connections. The Campus Resident is published by the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) and distributed to all residents of the UBC neighbourhoods. UHill Connections is published by the UEL Community Advisory Council and distributed to all UEL residents. The Campus Resident can be accessed from here and UHill Connections from here.

Website, What's New, and Twitter

I have established this website to provide background information on Metro Vancouver, the Electoral Area and the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation. A further purpose is to be a source of information on topical issues.

The What's New column on the home page of this website highlights recent developments that may be of interest to Electoral Area residents. I also tweet for that purpose (Twitter page).

Metro Vancouver Website

I have been instrumental in having the Electoral Area pages of the Metro Vancouver website upgraded to provide a wider range of information. This is an ongoing project, as I continually look for ways to improve the pages. To go to the Electoral Area home page, click here.

UBC Students

I meet with AMS representatives and other students when issues of mutual interest arise.