Electoral Area Director

This page describes the role of the Electoral Area Director. For information on my approach to serving as Director, and a listing of some of my accomplishments, see the About Me As Director page.

The Electoral Area Director is one of 40 Metro Vancouver Directors and is the only Director who is elected to the position. All other Directors are members of a municipal or First Nations council and are appointed to the Board by their councils. The election of the Electoral Area Director takes place every three years, at the same time and pursuant to the same legislation (the Local Government Act) as the election of mayors and municipal councillors.

Metro Vancouver Boardroom

Like all Directors, the Electoral Area Director participates in Metro Vancouver Board meetings, of which there are approximately 18 per year. In addition, the Electoral Area Director chairs the Electoral Area Sub-Committee of the Board's Intergovernmental and Administration Committee. This Sub-Committee is responsible for matters specific to the Electoral Area. In many years the Director also sits on other Board Committees.

The Electoral Area Director is required to exercise some of the functions of a municipal politician. This is because Metro Vancouver acts as the local government for the smaller communities in the Electoral Area, i.e., everywhere except the UBC lands and the University Endowment Lands (UEL). As the local government, it is responsible for land use planning (except on Bowyer and Passage islands), building permits and inspections, emergency planning (also for the UBC lands and the UEL), and general administration. The Electoral Area Director has a role to play in carrying out these responsibilities.

As an elected representative, the Electoral Area Director must be ready to listen to constituents and deal with their concerns. Moreover, the Director should keep constituents informed of relevant Metro Vancouver developments, and be prepared to meet with them to discuss issues.

In addition to the above, the Electoral Area Director is a full member of the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation. The Mayors' Council, which is independent of Metro Vancouver, has responsibility with respect to the funding of TransLink’s plans (for more on the Mayors' Council, see here).