Regional Transportation Vision—Broadway

On June 12th, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation approved a Vision for regional transportation in Metro Vancouver. The Vision includes both a strategy for the next 30 years and a detailed list of investment priorities for the first 10 years once funding becomes available.

The Vision is contained in a document called Regional Transportation Investments—A Vision for Metro Vancouver. That document, a brief Highlights document and other material are available here.

This post is about the Vision’s proposal for rapid transit in the Broadway corridor.

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Update on 10-Year Regional Transportation Plan

At Metro Vancouver’s Council of Councils meeting on April 12, Mayor Greg Moore provided a high-level update on the work being done to develop a 10-year regional transportation plan. Mayor Moore chairs a subcommittee of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation tasked with developing a plan for consideration and approval by the Mayors’ Council.

Mayor Moore’s slide presentation is available here.
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A Closer Look at Success Rates for U.S. Transportation Tax Ballot Measures

Todd Stone, the Minister of Transportation, has sought to dispel pessimism about the outcome of a referendum on TransLink funding by pointing to success rates for other referenda. As reported in the Vancouver Sun, the Minister noted in an interview last November that “across North America since 2012, there have been (dozens) of initiatives, ballots, or referendums that were asking the voters to approve new spending measures to expand transit. Seventy-three per cent of the time, these referendums were successful.”

During the April 10 committee discussion of Bill 22—the legislation that establishes the framework for funding referenda—the Minister stated that in the last couple of years in the U.S., 79% of funding referenda were won.

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Minister Stone on Investment in Metro Vancouver’s Transportation System

On April 2, Minister Stone answered a number of questions relating to investment in Metro Vancouver’s transportation system. The questions were asked by the opposition during consideration of estimates for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (the budget for ministry operations).

A transcript of the proceedings is available here. The relevant portion begins at 5:10 pm and continues for just over an hour. Anyone with a keen interest can watch a video of the proceedings, but be warned, there are long pauses between the  questions and the answers while the Minister consults with staff.

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Rapid Transit on Broadway—Decision Coming Soon

In February, two key developments occurred that have relevance to rapid transit in the Broadway corridor: the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure wrote an important public letter to the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, and the Mayors’ Council agreed  to develop a detailed transportation vision for Metro Vancouver (Mayors’ Council letter, Media Release). There now appears to be a clear route to a decision on rapid transit on Broadway—as well as many other potential transit and transportation projects—and a short timeframe for the decision to be made.

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Welcome to My Blog!

With enthusiasm tempered by trepidation, I have decided to take the plunge into the
world of blogging. Enthusiasm because a blog is a wonderful way to share information
and express views. Trepidation because a blog brings the pressure of adding new
posts regularly.

My posts will relate to matters with which I am involved either as Director for Metro
Vancouver’s Electoral Area A or as a member of the Mayors’ Council on Regional
Transportation. If you are not familiar with Metro Vancouver or with Electoral
Area A, you will find descriptions on this website. The Mayor’s Council has a
role in the governance of TransLink, a role that is about to be expanded greatly.
You can learn more about the Mayors’ Council from this page.

I expect that initially most of my posts will be about transit and funding. Much
is happening on this front. Most importantly, the Mayors’ Council is working
hard to develop a 10-year investment plan for TransLink by the provincial
government’s June 30 deadline.

I hope that you find my posts informative. If there is anything you would like me
to write about, please let me know (see the home page for my email address and phone number).